Our Mission

Student Leadership Services, Inc. (SLS) is a Michigan-based non-profit dedicated to ensuring our youth remain safe, healthy, and alcohol and drug free. SLS accomplishes this through innovative student-led prevention programs, trainings and events for students and adults. Since its inception in 1982, SLS has empowered students and adults to create safe, supportive, interactive and engaging student-led environments so that they can lead change in their communities.

When it comes to student-led prevention and youth development, we focus relentlessly on three key strategies.

  1. Listen to students. Above all, youth voice matters. Students want to make their schools and communities better. They want to help their friends stay safe and they undoubtedly know what the most pressing problems are. We ask, then listen. 
  2. Engage students. SLS students aren’t helpers in adult-created projects. They decide what is meaningful to them and create their own projects, seeking adult guidance and expertise as needed. 
  3. Coach students in leadership skills and then let them lead. Youth have the desire, the capacity and the passion, but they don’t yet have all the knowledge and skills. Therefore, we work alongside students to provide them with the education and tools they need to bring their projects to life. Then, we give them a platform to implement their ideas and we get out of the way and let them lead. 

How we do it

Our mission in Action

we Appreciate
our Contributors

Since 1982 we have relied on the generosity of our donors, sponsors and alumni. We are grateful that they continue to support our commitment to student-led prevention. It saves lives.

The SLS experience