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Prom Pledge – PROMise -Ferndale SLS

To create a safe and fun prom, members of Ferndale Students Leading Students went into senior classes and talked about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and distracted driving. They had each student sign the Prom Pledge and took pictures of students making the PROMise to make good decisions. The banner with the contract and pictures was then […]

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools, Second Edition

After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools, Second Edition American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Suicide Prevention Resource Center After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools assists schools in implementing a coordinated response to the suicide death of a student. Originally developed in 2011, the second edition includes new information and tools that middle and high […]

Procrastination vs Responsibilities

Procrastination can be something that stops you from doing your responsibilities. As finals approach and your SLS Chapter wants to try new events, procrastination can be stopping you from achieving your goals. Let’s talk about what procrastination is first. Procrastination Lack of interest Lack of motivation Lack of support Lack of self confidence Stress Lazy […]


We hope that everyone is having a great Holiday Season. As we reflect on this year’s accomplishments we want to extend our thanks and appreciation to those who have really made a difference in their communities. SLS Chapters all around the world are working on making a difference, this year we want to recognize our […]