Educators & Prevention Professionals

Work with the experts in building effective youth programs. We’ve empowered student leaders since 1982. We work with educators and prevention professionals to help them meaningfully and compassionately engage students both inside and outside the classroom. Our programs and trainings are  evaluated and validated by Wayne State University School of Social Work and High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, internationally known experts in youth development, and we are part of SAMHSA’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Check out our upcoming events, schedule one of our popular trainings for your group, or contact us to create one that meets your specific needs.

Youth Engagement Podcasts

Part 1: Create the Space, Listen, Empower, and Follow Through.
Part 2: Students Know Best- Engagement during the Pandemic & Beyond

Advisor trainings will give you the tools and strategies to get your SLS or STAND Chapter up and running. Advisor trainings can be one to three days long depending on individual needs and level of experience. For more details about starting a student-led group, visit our Student-Led Programs page.


Building Student Leadership Capacity

Imagine how much you could accomplish in your school with a another leadership team! In this workshop you will learn how to engage students and build their leadership skills. We discuss various forms of youth leadership and how ‘adultism’ can lead to reduced student participation. We examine strategies for thoughtful engagement that include choice, input and shared leadership. 

Youth Development

This 3-4 hour training is designed for adult advisors, teachers, counselors, social workers, youth workers, and administrators that work with students. Participants learn about the four tenets of youth development and the importance of each area when working with students. Training focuses on how to build healthy, appropriate relationships and establish boundaries with students. Questions and concerns about working with youth will be discussed along with how outside influences impact student’s values and beliefs.


Creating a Validating Environment

Helping students feel heard an understood is the foundation for trusting, respectful relationships. Validation helps students to feel and express their emotions, develop a secure sense of self, gain confidence, feel more connected to their parents/other adults and have better relationships in adulthood. In this workshop we show you how acknowledging a student’s thoughts, actions, or behaviors as understandable in the broader context of their life and experiences can change the way the student interacts with you and the world around them.

Advising a Student-led Group Without Taking Over

This 1/2 day training is designed for adults that work with student groups. Participants will learn about the three R’s of a student-led group and practice innovative techniques for engaging and empowering students. Adults will gain an understanding of how Maslow’s hierarchy of needs plays a crucial role in student-led groups. Participants will also learn key strategies on how to guide their students (without taking over) to identify and establish group goals and objectives to create school and community climate change.


Understanding Student Addictions

Addiction is a critical issue faced by today’s youth. Learn about the most common addictions, why youth turn to them, what addictions they face at school and home and, most importantly, how to support them.