SLS is a community of students and advisors
who discuss today’s health and safety issues in the
context of a school environment.

SLS actively engages students to develop competent skills while caring for students with the support of the advisors. They are personally invested to help students develop and learn essential skills: Critical Thinking, Decision-Making, Leadership, and Communication Skills. For SLS, inclusiveness and belonging are the keys to successful prevention. SLS students and advisors focus on what to do, rather than what not to do, and accept everyone. From there, advisors and students begin to share a common interest and connect with one another that impacts their decision-making concerning healthy and safe choices. SLS enables students to take the lead, where students discuss what’s important to them. From there, student’s take action and address those needs.  Students and advisors are passionate about motivating, educating, and influencing their peers in schools. SLS meetings are fun and interactive.  Once students join SLS, many of them begin to develop long-lasting friendships from supportive peers.  It is as simple as bringing Kool-Aid to a meeting every week that keeps SLS members coming back! The SLS community is profoundly positive and focused on fun, creating friendships, and a sense of belonging for students to develop healthy and critical life skills.